‘The Dark Knight Wears Travis Scott’s Dior Collab,’ Starring Ben Affleck


I present to you: The Dark Knight Wears Cactus Jack, starring Ben Affleck.

Ben Affleck saw his kids off at a Georgia airport on August 21 wearing his semi-lowkey post-wedding-wedding ‘fit, which included some unexpected foot action.

On foot, Affleck sported Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack x Dior B713 sneakers, upgrading his Kenneth Cole Lows for the occasion of his second wedding to J.Lo (maybe the Travis Scott shoes an especially bougie wedding present?).

For the most part, white lifestyle sneakers and brown dress shoes — vibe check passes for Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard — pretty much dictate Affleck’s footwear rotation.

So, of course, I was surprised to see an otherwise normally dressed Affleck wearing something from the rager out west, aka Travis Scott.

And Affleck didn’t go for the standard model, either: he opted for the limited edition, hand-numbered Cactus Jack Dior shoes that retail for a whopping $1,450 — for a guy usually inclined towards unfashion flexes, that’s a lot of drip.

Cactus Jack x Dior footwear aside, the rest of Affleck’s fit was pretty much classic Affleck, who embodies the average dad aesthetic.

The man behind the internet’s favorite dissociative memes wore his four-figure shoes with a plain graphic t-shirt and jeans.

A true Boston boy at heart, Affleck wore a t-shirt by Bridge 9 Records, a long-running Boston-based hardcore punk label that’s released music from influential bands like Have Heart, Ceremony, New Found Glory, and Sick Of It All.

What is it about Bridge 9’s tees that drives Affleck wild? He simply finds them to be “so soft,” according to Bridge 9 founder Chris Wrenn who met and spoke with the actor while Affleck was filming The Tender Bar.

Affleck also owns plenty of Bostonian-themed tees from Wrenn’s sports brand, Sully’s. In fact, they apparently became Affleck’s go-to T-shirt during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It seemed like he wore Sully’s shirts every week last year [in 2020],” Wrenn said.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen: Ben Affleck, JACKBOY mosher by day and caped crusader by night.

Maybe Affleck’s Nike biopic has inspired him to step his sneaker game up a bit. In that case, he’s in the right place with Scott, the man behind the Swoosh’s most hyped sneaker drops.

Perhaps, a Travis Scott AJ1 moment from Affleck isn’t too far off.

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