Uncover The Art Of Lola With Burberry

165 years is a long time, so you could say there’s enough to digest when it comes to Burberry’s life thus far — practically enough for a history class.

The (and I can’t find words more apt than these), classic and truly iconic British luxury house, has been a force to be reckoned with since its inception, adapting to our shifting cultural zeitgeist and tapping into the ever-changing creative landscape we weave through.

Speaking of adapting, one Burberry item that has evolved since its big reveal is the Lola bag. Debuted in AW19, the Lola has injected itself into the brand’s wheel of creativity, coming complete with what one would call ‘the Tisci touch’.

The Lola that we see today exudes attitude and confidence, and is ultimately an ode to strength and power. Unique in its design and appearance, the suite of softly, structured bags isn’t afraid to be bold (just check out the bright blue and statement pink colorway), adding that bit of sass to any look. Taking the signature Thomas Burberry monogram and transforming it into a quilted iteration, the reimagined Lola marries house codes with modernity, standing as a symbol of versatility and self-expression.

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