A$AP Rocky Just Recreated an Outfit He Wore on His Fifth Birthday

Most of us would probably prefer to never revisit the stuff we wore as kids. I’m perfectly happy to leave my cargo shorts and Etnies in the past, thanks! And, yet, here’s A$AP Rocky wearing almost exactly the same thing that he wore as a five-year-old and looking damn cool doing it.

Personally, I’m all too happy to leave my childhood fling with cargo shorts and tactical shades in the past, where they belong.

On the other hand, it’s been funny to see the ultra-uncool stuff that our moms bought for us as kids becoming genuinely trendy.

Jorts (denim shorts), tech-y sunglasses, and puffy flip-flops are all inexplicably en vogue and with hardly any irony.

As Highsnobiety’s Morgan Smith joked, “Let me go through my baby pics for outfit inspo.”


That brings us to A$AP Rocky, who can seemingly make anything look good.

Furry beanie? Check. Leather skirt? Child’s play.

Even in the case of Rocky’s motorcycle jersey and Tripp-style pant date-night look, he’s got the confidence necessary to look effortlessly cool.


But pay special attention to the above outfit, which Rocky wore on the evening of August 22 in New York. It looks pretty ordinary at first blush but compare it to this photo of Rocky on his fifth birthday in 1993.


It’s uncanny.

Intentionally or not, Rocky recreated an outfit he wore nearly 30 years ago, down to the DIY jewelry.

Of course, he’s wearing a SS19 Prada necklace instead of a soda tab chain and a Supreme T-shirt rather than any ol’ white tee but the similarity is still pretty striking.


Note that the photo isn’t confirmed to specifically be from Rocky’s fifth birthday — it’s actually a real pain to try to even find where this photo was originally sourced from — but, either way, young Rocky would be proud.

The takeaway here is obviously that Rocky has been stylish literally since the day he was born.

Shame he doesn’t also still have those tiny shades but, then again, it was pretty late and it’s better to put the sunglasses away once the sun sets unless you’re fending off paparazzi flash bulbs, I suppose.


This remarkable outfit recreation follows a string of future-classic A$AP Rocky Outfits that’ve set Rocky ‘n Rihanna fan pages ablaze over the past few weeks.

Rocky’s effortlessly cool dad-style outfit and deliciously baggy denim look — the first time we saw that Prada necklace — are, arguably, not even in the top tier of Rocky ‘fits but they do demonstrate the direction that Rocky’s wardrobe is heading in: retro graphic layers, baggy trousers, and sport-y sneakers.


These outfits are also the only tidings we’ve received from Rocky recently, aside from a brief feature he contributed to Black Thought and Danger Mouse’s Cheat Codes.


Perhaps this recent visit to the studio is a sign that Rocky’s cooking up some new music.

It’s at least giving him something to do beyond shopping, though it is cutting into the time Rocky could be spending with Rihanna and their child in their hotel room.

Maybe he’s just trying to get away from the ketchup makeup.

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