Attention: More Teddy Santis NB 990s Incoming


Brand: New Balance Made in USA

Model: 990v2 & 990v3

Release Date: August 25

Price: £200

Buy: New Balance

There are three things you can guarantee in life: taxes, death, and that Teddy Santis will never release a bad New Balance 990.

This week the latter has once again firmly cemented itself in the holy trio of life’s assurances, as NB’s Made in USA branch readies a three-pack release of 990v2 and 990v3.

Nearing 18 months at the helm of NB, Santis has managed to create an aura around NB’s Made in USA line, an aura that can only be matched by his New York-based label Aimé Leon Dore, of which is is founder and creative director.

Whether it’s down to the aesthetically pleasing lifestyle shots, the exclusivity of each item, or simply Santis’ golden touch is neither here nor there, all that matters is that it’s working, and delivering 990 goodness at the same time.

Following varying iterations of the 990 over the past few months – including “Moonbeam” and “Marigold” – Santis and NB deliver deep blue takes of the 990v2 and 990v3, as well as a clean white and red take of the latter.

This release looks to be the final drop of those teased in the NB Made in USA lookbook earlier this year, although we wouldn’t bet against Santis throwing us a curveball if past releases are anything to go by.

Although, if this is to be the final release of the season, it’s safe to say that the brand’s first collection under the tenure of Santis has been a success.

Whether the sales are representative of this, who knows (or cares?), all we can say at this stage is that we’re liking what they’re cooking, and certainly we’re hungry for more (*rubs belly*).

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