Meet Your New Wellness Guru, Kate Moss


Kate Moss is in her goop bag. The supermodel is launching COSMOSS, a wellness brand that will reportedly sell detox tea, CBD face oil, and a “Sacred Mist” fragrance.

Per COSMOSS’ official Instagram account, the imprint — dropping on September 1 — is “self-care created for life’s modern journeys, drawing on the extraordinary experience of Kate Moss.”

Judging from a newsletter blast sent to customers who sign up for brand updates, products will range from skincare (crafted using “potent, natural substances”) to fragrance to objects intended for use in what COSMOSS describes as rituals that “open the door to balance, restoration, and love.”

Pretty goop-ian, if you ask me.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s snake oil empire is a fairly obvious comparison, but COSMOSS is one of countless beauty and wellness brands suggesting that their creams or serums can open the door to a healthier mental and physical state.

According to the Daily Mail, Moss’ fragrance provides “emotional balance and a sense of inner peace,” while her special tea can help “‘protect the body against toxins.” COSMOSS appears to fit nicely into a phenomenon that Emily Jensen reported on for Highsnobiety: beauty brands adopting the language of wellness, self-care, and psychology.

It’s a surprising move for Moss, who has struggled with substance abuse and once served as the poster child for “heroin chic.” The model has since taken up meditation, gardening, and going to bed early, according to a recent BBC interview.

In fact, it’s this personal journey — Moss’ transformation from Indie Sleaze god to wellness sage — that just might attract customers in search of their own reinvention.

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