Dour Darcel Turns His Cynical Eye Towards Style

As someone who doesn’t live in New York, the criteria that natives and transplants use to define a “real New Yorker” always fascinates me.

Sometimes, people use benchmarks (5-10 years minimum), while others describe an esoteric experience reserved for those who believe in the cultural epicenter’s magic.

Still, “real” New Yorkers and mere tourists alike both contribute to one of the most eclectic and diverse populations on the planet, which Darcel Disappoints looks to encapsulate with Dour Fits, his latest NFT collection.

When Highsnobiety covered the debut Dour Darcels collection, artist and founder Craig Redman relayed to us how the iconic cycloptic character has been in the making for years, sourcing inspiration from the “cynical eye” he turns towards art, shopping, eating, booze, aspirations, and all the other anxieties wrapped up in Darcel’s perspective.

“I’ve inadvertently been creating PFPs for years so it was a natural shift,” Redman said. “There’s a simplicity but also a lot of personality to the character, so it seemed like a logical progression for Darcel.”

The resulting NFTs are simple yet vibrant, punchy characters that allude to bigger stories about the life in the big apple.

For Dour Fits, Darcel Disappoints is issuing a collection of 10,000 NFTs that represent the bright, colorful characters inherent to New York.

With every piece of Darcel Disappoints art, the character makes the story. That conceit rings especially true with the Dour Fits collection, which launches August 24 at 7 p.m. EST. The drop’s core inspiration is what you’d consider real, everyday New Yorkers rather than local celebrities or transient stereotypes, a celebration of statement patterns and accessories.

In addition to the PFPs, Darcel Disappoints will also be unveiling an upcoming blockchain fashion game also titled Dour Fits. The game is led by former Apple engineer Adam Johnson, and will be released during New York Fashion Week in September.

Beyond the NFT collections, Darcel Disappoints has also been featured in The New York Times and Vogue and Redman has also worked with the likes of Coca-Cola, adidas, Uniqlo, Ikea, and Collete, even bringing the latter on board for his previous Dour Darcels NFT drop.

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