Get More BAPE for Your A.P.C Buck


You can’t say streetwear without showing some respect to BAPE. I don’t make the rules; that’s just how it is. It’s been almost three decades now since A Bathing Ape touched down in Tokyo before making waves across the world throughout the 90s and early 2000s, and its legacy has only grown stronger.

While throwing on heavy camouflage prints, playful monkey graphics, and extremely bold pops of color isn’t for everyone, you can’t help but recognize real with a nod of the head whenever a BAPE set strides past.

Surviving the test of time has relied on many elements, but once hip-hop and countercultures across the world got a hold of Nigo’s baby, its longevity was cemented, and the huge wave which marked its resurgence in the west throughout the last couple of years pays testament to that.

Across a broad stroke of the industry, brands have been clutching at the chance to share in BAPE’s legacy through collaborative collections. While some have felt somewhat rogue additions to the brand’s extensive archive of collaborations, others have exuded naturality – much like A.P.C’s offering for FW22.

Having been introduced to BAPE during its formative years by Hiroshi Fujiwara, A.P.C’s founder Jean Touitou found fascination; a fascination which would play into their contemporary “interaction.”

Describing the collision of the two brands, Touitou said: “This interaction was a chance for me to play with some of the cult elements of our respective brands: camouflage, denim, of course, and especially Baby Milo, a sincere character that seems like a perfect choice to boost our morale after these pandemic times.”

The resulting collection – which releases on September 3 via A.P.C’s online platform – is a carefully considered clash of worlds, marrying elegantly tailored denim and outerwear with eclectic camouflage while playful graphics decorate a selection of seasonal staples.

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