Reese LaFlare and Yung Jake Take Over PROJECT Las Vegas

PROJECT Las Vegas is back once again to bring together the most defining members in the fashion game under one roof. Spanning over three days in the Las Vegas Convention Center, PROJECT encouraged its eager audience to shop contemporary men’s and women’s fashion in-person while highlighting industry favorite designers such as Mauna-Kea, Jeff Hamilton, and Mitchell & Ness, to name a few.

To further celebrate the event, Highsnobiety hosted a panel discussion with Grammy-nominated musician Reese LaFlare and artist Yung Jake for a much-needed “Temperature Check” where the two discussed youth culture and its influence on the idea of “new luxury”.

From themes such as the rise of NFTs and the importance of community alongside success, Yung Jake and LaFlare weighed the pros and cons of our quickly-evolving digital society and its lasting effects, particularly on art. While Yung Jake made a nod in favor of digitization with his popular art series where he utilizes emojis to create portraits of celebrities, LaFlare seemed to notice more of its limitations within the music industry, noting that artists should predominately do their work, “in the streets”.

Regardless of experience, our Temperature Check panel discussion proved that the inevitable wave of “new luxury” is upon us. Whether its manifestations are short-lived or remembered forever, made to live on the Internet or IRL, it has birthed a different way of producing and consuming in the fashion industry with topics of sustainability, community, and youth culture forging the conversation.

To get a different perspective on the shift in the fashion industry, we spoke to NBA Star Jaren Jackson after the panel who recently teamed up with Italian luxury label and PROJECT Las Vegas brand, Mauna-Kea. When asked about his recent dip into fashion, Jackson explained, “I like the expression of fashion – telling a story with clothing and pushing those boundaries.”

Drawing upon his own style as an athlete, the basketball player explained that the collaboration with Mauna-Kea was an effortless pairing. “I just so happened to wear Mauna-Kea before all of this happened. I love their hoodies and joggers. The brand has always fit me in its style and construction.”

From the initial idea to the finished capsule, the collab came to fruition quickly and its ethos echos similar themes surrounding “new luxury” from the panel discussion such as the power of collaboration and inclusivity. When asked about what he wanted potential buyers to know about his capsule with Mauna-Kea, Jackson responded, “The collection isn’t limited to one type of person or how you wear it. Everybody should swag it out. Just make sure to wear it with confidence.”

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