Satisfy’s Trailism Capsule Is Basically a Personality Test


When it comes to types of runners, there are ample variations. From the fast and the slow, to the short jaunters and long distance trekkers, it’s an activity awash with variety.

Each discipline too has its own distinguishable attire. Someone venturing on a longer run might wear a hydration vest, for example, while someone on a shorter bimble might opt for something a little more lightweight, like a singlet.

Whichever category you fall into (if you run at all), Satisfy’s new Trailism capsule – which drops online on August 25 – is more than equipped to meet your needs.

Like a personality test for runners, the Parisian label – fresh from its collaboration with norda – has delivered five outfit combinations best suited to five particular type of runner, something the brand describes as a “Trailism”.

First up is the Speed Freak, which comprises a singlet and distance shorts, both of which are constructed with the brand’s ultra lightweight Space-O™ fabric.

The Crust Buster vibe is designed for longer jaunts and comes equipped with an Auralite™ tee and Justice™ cargo half-tights, while the Long Haul Trucker style is perfect for longer, slower adventures thanks to a packable windbreaker, MothTech™ tee, and hiking pants.

Wildcard is exactly how it sounds: wild. With functionality sacrificed in the name of personality, the look is made up of a DIY crop and fringe tee, neckerchief, and a pair of trail shorts, with a hydration vest-clad Psychonaut look rounding things out.

No matter what type of runner you are (or if you even run at all), Satisfy’s got you on lock, which means you’ll look pretty good either way. Because after all: there’s no place like roam.

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