Brooklyn Beckham: A Luxury Footwear Aficionado?


For Brooklyn Beckham, being the spawn of real-life Goldenballs can’t be easy.

Of course I don’t mean in terms of wealth or opportunity (there’s plenty of that), but living up to being the son of the one of the most influential footballers of our generation most definitely can’t be a breeze.

Now at the ripe age of 23, Brooklyn isn’t a professional footballer like his old man, he hasn’t represented his country, and he hasn’t successfully brought the curtain haircut back to prominence across the UK.

That being said, Brooklyn – who is now an IG chef – does have one thing over father Goldenballs that he never had in his early days: style.

While Beckham Senior might do #fashion better nowadays, as we’ve stated countless times: footballers are notoriously bad dressers (i.e. David in a sarong in 2002), and, naturally, you’d often expect it to be a hereditary trait. Thankfully, it isn’t the case here.

While Brooklyn’s apparel might be questionable at times (I mean, whose wasn’t at 23), his footwear rotation is meticulously on-point, if a little expensive for a muggle.

Earlier this week, whilst embroiled in some PDA with wife Nicola Peltz n West Hollywood, he was spotted wearing a pair of those MSCHF x Jimmy Fallon sneakers, a week after he was seen in Beverly Hills sporting some of those chunky black Lanvin Curbs.

When it comes to more relaxed occasions too, Brooklyn seemingly has the vibes on lock after he wore a pair of Dior x Birkenstock Bostons wandering around Italy’s Portofino village earlier this year.

Of course, Brooklyn still has time for the apparel to grow. Compared to what his old man was clad in at 23, he’s doing a pretty good job and, whether you’re into it or not, it’s good to know that while footballers might dress like shit, it’s a trait that isn’t always handed down.

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