Small Talk Studio Remixed Your Carhartt WIP Favorites


What’s not to love about Carhartt WIP? A street-savvy serving of evolved workwear staples, bolstered with the winning, long-lasting, ready-to-take-a-battering fabrications for which Carhartt has been so highly regarded throughout its history? Perfection, surely.

Season-to-season, WIP (Work in Progress) has continued to demonstrate its worth within the Carhartt legacy, taking a core selection of fan favorites and continually elevating them, as well as shifting their functionality between the needs of each season through winter and summer variations of select pieces.

Now and again, carefully considered collaborations are littered throughout seasonal deliveries. The frequency of these team-ups is kept to a minimum, ensuring that each maintains the brand’s foundations, serving as a reflection of its community rather than a quick cash grab.

This much is clear with its latest offering, which showcases WIP staples in a new light, courtesy of Small Talk Studio. Conceived and developed exclusively for Browns Fashion, the graphic-heavy collection puts forth t-shirts, a sweatshirt, beanie, vest, jacket, pants, and a large tote bag.

Each of the products featured within the collection is served on a white base, providing a clean canvas for the heavy contrast of the hand-drawn graphics that appear across every angle and seam.

These undoubtedly statement pieces, with graphics ranging from animal skulls, lizards, ducks, plants, fairies, beer, and everything in-between decorating the apparel selection.

There’s no time like the present – you’ll find the Small Talk Studio x Carhartt WIP collection available to shop online at Browns Fashion now.

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