A Nike Air Max Penny 1 for Your Thoughts?


In case you missed it, the Nike Air Max Penny 1 is kind of having a big moment right now. While people aren’t necessarily screaming from the rooftops, declaring their hype for the silhouettes statement return or its new colorways, Nike is shifting the sneaker to the front of the cue, quietly transforming it into one of the year’s “it” kicks.

Penny rumblings first began late last year when it became apparent that the sneaker would be making a bold return to the market in its original colorways. Maintaining everything that was so beloved during the early 2000s and 2010s, fans of the silhouette welcomed the news with open arms.

At first, it seemed that a retro release would be all that came of it – a quick one and done just to settle the needs of fans looking to refresh their collection. Throughout the past few months, however, it has become clear that this is far from the truth.

While the Air Max Penny 1 is yet to undergo the intense frequency of Dunk Low releases, there is plenty to be desired. First are collaborations, which include a stealthy Stüssy team-up (okay. fine, that one’s actually a Penny 2…), as well as a two-piece offering from Social Status.

Following the lead of its collaborative partners lead of rooting the silhouette with desaturated palettes, Nike’s general release picks look to showcase the strengths of the Penny 1 without bold hues.

Next up is a render perfectly executed for the summer months. Dubbed “Photon Dust,” this look pairs leathers in suede in white, off-white, and pale grey, while the iconic white-on-black graphic Swoosh remains.

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