Arsenal Just Dropped the Ultimate Notting Hill Carni’ Uniform


Arsenal, adidas, the 22/23 Premier League season – the gift that keeps on giving. Honestly, it’s that simple. We’re witnessing poetry in motion, the best kits that football has to offer, the types of performances that we’ve been dreaming of, and now? Another scorcher in the form of a Jamaica-inspired pre-match jersey.

Alright, cool. You’ve caught me on my Arsenal bias. I’ll take no shame in it, especially when my team’s keeping it consistent on the pitch and in the adidas store. Here at team Highsnob, we’ve kept keen eyes on the kit selections that the 22/23 season has had to offer because the levels have been set so high.

While there are plenty of options worthy of a purchase and wear down the pub or kicking up the muck at a festival, none can boast going four for four. Unless you’re Arsenal, of course.

Landing at the perfect time for London’s Notting Hill Carnival (Carni, as we so affectionately call it), Three Stripes and Arsenal have pulled another kit out of the bag, this time around inspired by the club’s huge Jamaican community.

For those who don’t know, Notting Hill Carnival is an annual celebration that takes place during our summer bank holiday. The event, which is the largest street carnival in Europe, attracts enormous crowds in celebration of Caribbean culture. With large swaths of these communities being Arsenal fans, the weekend is the perfect staging ground for the release.

Furthermore, the team’s fourth game of the season takes place on August 27 as carnival weekend kicks off, providing the perfect opportunity for the squad to put the new jersey into action.

I have no doubts that the new jersey will be dressing the streets of West London this weekend, perhaps doing bigger rounds than Nigeria’s home kit did back in 2018.

You can get your hands on the Arsenal Jamaica 22/23 pre-match jersey online now.

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