Goldwin Is Getting Us Pumped For Big Coat Season

Outerwear lovers rejoice, for big coat season is almost upon us. Say au revoir to the humidity, arrivederci to the heat, and see you later to sweat, because it’s time to layer, baby!

It’s this time of year when brands really come into their own, not least the myriad of Japanese and Scandinavian brands that just do coats well.

In recent years one of my favorites in particular has been Goldwin, a heavy-hitting Japanese label that initially made its name in the world of skiwear, also known for creating The North Face and The North Face Purple Label in Japan.

It’s no secret that outerwear is a hard game to get into. Simply cladding a coat in GORE-TEX doesn’t quite cut the mustard anymore, there needs to be substance, style, and a fastidious attention to detail: luckily, three things Goldwin has in abundance.

For Fall/Winter 2022, Goldwin holds its cards firmly away from its chest, openly exploring the rationality of layering and how it can enable fast adaptation to weather changing conditions throughout the Fall/Winter season.

In typical Goldwin fashion, the collection is split into three sub-collections: Outdoor, Lifestyle, and Athletic.

Outdoor, as the name suggests, is designed with the purpose of the ultimate comfort in the various outdoor fields. Lifestyle focuses on the combination of simple and timeless designs for everyday wear, while Athletic showcases the brand’s technical prowess.

Whatever section you’re keen to delve into, with Goldwin one thing is for certain: you’ll be getting product made by the very best. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll like mint, too.

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