Of Course STORY mfg.’s Neo-Hippies Revived Fashion Catalogs

The joy of the catalog is that it’s a tangible object. It’s a sort of bound ‘zine containing crisp pages of printed matter, the sort of thing that is entirely out of vogue these days. Indeed, it’d take a real nut to bring back the catalog: enter STORY Mfg.

Now, to be clear, a lot of fashion brands still print physical lookbooks and linesheets. There’s actually almost no shortage of stylized, editorialized, glossy print editions of seasonal campaigns and collections. But that isn’t what STORY’s up to this time.

What STORY has in mind is a proper catalog, something that’s as granola-crunchy as old-school Patagonia and The North Face marketing materials.

The idea isn’t just to spread the word of STORY Mfg’s lush Fall/Winter 2022 collection (though that certainly doesn’t hurt!) but to present an idealized vision of co-founder Saeed Al-Rubeyi’s outdoorsy inspirations.

That’s only a piece of the STORY Mfg. puzzle, to be sure, but the British brand does generate ample influence from its admiration of vintage sportswear and outdoor gear, so it’s certainly fitting to offer a visual homage by way of an intentionally cluttered, charmingly lo-fi catalog.

Appropriate for a buncha neo-hippies with their tie-dyed shirts and baggy, mushroom-stuffed cargo pants.

And the catalog is indeed a physical thing! Visit STORY’s flagship store in Brighton for the real deal or peruse the catalog in full online.

Otherwise, you can merely admire the editorial imagery, which shows some handsomely hairy fellows enjoying the beautiful outdoors, basking in the rays of Cheddar Valley in Somerset. Yes, Cheddar Valley is a real place and, yes, it’s as adorable as you’d imagine.

The photos alone ought to speak for themselves but even the simple act of putting together a bonafide printed and bound catalog is an obvious signifier that STORY is very much going against the grain of the fashion industry’s craving for new, new, new.

No, it ain’t cool. But that’s why there ain’t no school like the old school.

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