Telfar & Eastpak Serve Their Bag Collab Sunny Side Up

Say “yellow there” to Telfar and Eastpak’s new bag collection.

Telfar and Eastpak reunite for the second time this year, re-issuing their collaborative bag collection in a new bumble-tastic colorway of yellow and black.

Seeing as it’s Flashback Friday, now is the perfect time to cue Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” song.

Like the partnership’s last offering, Telfar’s famed shopping bags once again exhibit canvas exteriors, this time dressed in a new cheery color scheme.

And yes, the collaborative medium and large shoppers still tote shoulder straps, pleasing Telfar heads, backpackers, and those in between.

Telfar’s Circle bag also reprises its role as the bag of the hour amongst the rest of the Telfar x Eastpak cast.

First introduced in February, the Circle model has been met with critics and fans, but more so fans who can’t help but admire its simplistic shape and the Telfar branding, of course.

Whether crafted from vegan leather or Eastpak canvas, the Circle bag is a banger in my eyes. If you couldn’t tell, I’m definitely a fan.

In March, Twitter sleuths solved the mystery of Telfar and Eastpak’s not-so-anonymous collaboration, peeling back the pixelated layers of Telfar’s blurred bag photos. The FBI truly has nothing on social media.

Once the cat was out of the bag, Telfar and Eastpak launched their all-black collaborative collection as a blind pre-order in March, followed by a restock in April.

After going dark mode, Telfar and Eastpak decided it was time to turn their brightness up on their collaboration, dropping the yellow and black color scheme on August 22.

With a colorway this buzzy (pun intended), it’s not shocking to see that the yellow Telfar x Eastpak collaborative bags have already sold out on Telfar’s webstore.

No worries, though. Eastpak is here to the rescue as the yellow Telfar x Eastpak bags are slated to restock on Eastpak’s website on September 3.

Let’s just hope Beyoncé doesn’t do anymore Telfar shoutouts between now and the 3rd. Her stanbase would undoubtedly swarm this latest offering.

I mean, Telfar’s bumblebee Eastpak bags are quite fitting for the Bey Hive.

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