Lewis Hamilton’s Loewe Look Deserves a Victory Lap


Lewis Hamilton may not have crossed the finish line for the Belgian Grand Prix, but he’s still a champion in our eyes, especially regarding style.

On August 27, Lewis Hamilton donned a tasteful blue and green Loewe look, making a stylish entrance at the 2022 F1 Belgian GP’s qualifying session.

Fresh off the runway, Hamilton’s Loewe ensemble consisted of a fuzzy green v-neck sweater, bunched-up jeans, and puffy sneakers (yes, those puffy Loewe sneakers).

He topped off the look with ice around his neck and a pair of black shades from his Police Lifestyle collaboration.

Indeed, the racer’s stylish charisma and Jonathan Anderson’s creative brilliance are undoubtedly heaven-made matches, as tastefully paired by the style matchmaker Law Roach.

Then again, I expected nothing less than a solid Hamilton look from Law Roach. After all, he is the mastermind behind the racer’s F1 style legacy and Zendaya’s red carpet reign.

That said, Lewis Hamilton’s Loewe SS23 look wasn’t the only style moment served at the Belgium GP.

The champion racer got into his balaclava bag with GCDS. Meanwhile, his masterclass in monochromatic dressing proceeded with a neon Louis Gabriel Nouchi Spring/Summer 2023 ensemble.

Unfortunately, Hamilton didn’t finish the big Belgian GP race following a first-lap collision with rival Fernando Alonso.

While Hamilton is safe and sound, he’s a bit disappointed in crashing out of the race, accepting full responsibility and stating that he was “sorry for the [Mercedes] team.”

Don’t worry, Lewis. You still reign supreme in Highsnobiety’s book. I mean, seven World Drivers’ Championship titles and an epic off-track style record don’t lie.

Indeed, a Loewe-cladded Hamilton alone deserves a victory lap in my opinion.

As we enjoy this lovely Sunday afternoon, always remember to wear your Loewe greens, kids. So, we can all grow up big and stylish like Lewis Hamilton.

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