Drake & LeBron James’ Football Era Continues


Unsurprisingly so, Drake and LeBron James’ football (soccer) era is far from over as the pair puts their money where their mouths are, investing a minority stake in AC Milan football club.

Where international sports are concerned, everybody wants a piece of the pie. With 4.2bn fans spread across 220 nations, the Champions League is one of the biggest sporting competitions in the world, and that kind of scale means one thing. Big money.

Now, not to say that football fans don’t like to throw their money at the sport (you need only pop down your local Paddy Power or flick through your mate’s Bet365 account to calculate that truth), but the real spending power in sports is the business at the top end of the clubs. All those millions thrown around for players has to come from somewhere.

I’m certainly no expert on the spending habits nor financial sources of some of the quieter entities pumping money into football clubs; my knowledge begins and ends with Manchester United fans’ beef with the Glazers and everything that went down at Chelsea concerning the war in Ukraine and Roman Abramovich. That being said, seeing Drake and LeBron inserting themselves into the mix doesn’t surprise me at all.

We all know that Drake’s a betting man as he refuses to let us forget it, but even more so, as an international superstar, he’s also an extremely successful businessman. The same can be said of LeBron.

Of course, people that share success in business, are always looking for the next move. The next investment. The next opportunity to see large returns. Well, for these two stars, that kind of responsibility falls to their investment firm Main Street Advisors.

Through their firm, they’ve partnered with Yankee Global Enterprises (the parent company of the New York Yankees baseball team) to buy a minority stake in AC Milan for a cool $1.2 billion – and some change.

While this is just the next in a series of investments the two have shared, it’s worth noting that they also share another commonality within football as Nike ambassadors for Liverpool FC – another team in which LeBron James holds a minority stake. Talk about playing the field.

From Liverpool to AC Milan, Drake and LeBron are certainly cementing themselves within Champions League football, as well as the NBA; perhaps their next big move will be the one we’ve all been waiting for…NOCTA Football.

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