G-SHOCK’s Skeleteon Series Just Got Prettier

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Another day, another dollar – a dollar being a new addition to your Casio G-SHOCK collection, that is. When your contributions to the world of design lay in an extensive archive and contemporary offering of iconic watch shapes and styles adored by cultures the world over, it’s only right that you stay steady on the supply of additional options.

That’s the name of the game over at G-SHOCK; at least, that’s what its frequency of collections throughout 2022 has suggested. While plenty of new styles have entered its sphere, largely through fashion-led collaborations alongside the likes of Daily Paper and PORTER, its most loved archival styles.

For the most exciting release of the year so far, G-SHOCK saw the return of its super-popular, Royal Oak-inspired full metal “CasiOak,” to huge success. Unsurprisingly.

Updated constructions (where materials are concerned, at least), have become somewhat of a cornerstone for the brand, reflected through its Skeleton Series.

First striding back into the spotlight under the guise of the Skeleton Sound Wave Series, which delivered several colorful takes on the GA-900SKL and GA-2200 watches, a second iteration has arrived online.

Similarly to the first drop, high color finishes have been applied to the GA-2100 (in a much slimmer profile than is standard), including black, white, purple, and teal versions. What elevates these options is the application of metallic dials, creating a slick contrast.

Each of the four options – which are available online now – boasts standard G-SHOCK’s standard qualities; a stopwatch, countdown timer, 200M water resistance, and an LED light.

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