I Spent 3 Days with Bad Bunny’s Fandom and This Is What Happened


I land in San Juan airport, not knowing what to expect. There’s no set itinerary shared prior to the trip. I’m not even sure who I’ll be spending the next few days with. After getting my checked luggage, I learn from the shuttle service coordinator that there are altogether about 70 more people planned to arrive from all over Europe and the Americas. The 20-some media crew (including me) and 50-some fans are all here for one thing: adidas x Bad Bunny.

For the Puerto Rican artist’s ongoing collaboration with adidas Originals, the brand planned a special three-day vacation for superfans, kicking off at the luxurious beach resort of the Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve Puerto Rico. The fans, who were raffled on the Confirmed app, were given a night’s stay there with unlimited poolside cocktails til the AM, then flown to NYC on a private charter plane in time for BB’s Yankee Stadium concert.

Once I arrive in my room at the Hyatt resort, the new adidas x Bad Bunny Forum Blue sneakers are waiting for me on my king-size bed, accompanied by a cooler and cloud-shaped microfiber towel in matching baby blue. Every other guest was also gifted the same package (and fans could bring a plus one).

After a day of being wined and dined and wined some more on La Isla of blue skies, we were bussed to a private boarding gate to fly to New York the next morning. Since I’m not a Kardashian-Jenner, I’ll probably never get to do that again in my lifetime. Bad Bunny’s adidas plane was cute, custom-wrapped in baby blue to celebrate the new Forum collab.

Before we get into the flight, let’s take a moment to observe the actual shoe. Following up on Bad Bunny’s “The First Café,” “Easter Egg,” and “Back to School” editions of the adidas collaboration, the musician wanted to spotlight the culture and beauty of his hometown. Naturally, the sleek blue colorway pays homage to the bright blue skies and beach waters of The Rich Port.

Friends and fans lucky enough to board the plane were given more exclusive VIP merch in the form of a branded tote bag packed with flight essentials: a wireless headset, travel neck pillow, and a furry blankie (mi favorito). I sat business class behind Puerto Rico-based NFT artist, gmoney. The flight attendant would not let me not have a pina colada in hand at all times during the flight.

After a sweet 3.5-hour ride with blasting reggaeton and disco lights, we finally arrive in NY. Day Two ends with a private party at Toñitas Social Club in Williamsburg, a truly authentic and the most OG Puerto Rican thing you could ever do in the city, and assumedly, Bad Bunny’s personal favorite go-to spot. By now, I’ve memorized practically every one of Benito’s songs by heart.

Before Bad Bunny’s World’s Hottest Tour concert on the last night, superfans were also treated to an employee-discounted shopping spree at adi’s flagship store in SoHo. Decked in our adidas gear, we headed to the Bronx for Yankee Stadium, blasting more reggaeton on the way. We get to the venue an hour before the scheduled start time, but the tens of thousands of concert goers form a snakey two-hour line, which was a party in and of itself with more people I could count dressed in sequin bikinis and bunny ears.

The stadium quickly filled up, and Diplo opened stage. After an hour of fist-pumping DJing, Bad Bunny finally emerged in front of the giant LED screens and fake palm trees, rocking his blue Forum and enraging fans into an incoherent Spanish chant. The concert lasted from around 8PM to midnight, with a seemingly unlimited amount of fireworks and laser beams.

Just when you thought it was over. The three-day adidas x Benito extravaganza (five days if you count the travel days) concluded with an after party at the Bronx’s Salsa Con Fuego. FR, you had to be there.

The adidas Originals x Bad Bunny Forum Blue can be purchased now exclusively on the Confirmed app.

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