Acne Studios’ Distortion Bag Gets…Distorted

If Acne Studios’ success had to be pinned down to one thing, I’d settle somewhere along the lines of “the brand I’d trust to reinvent the wheel.” While undoubtedly a bold proclamation, in a reality where we’d rather leave the wheel as is, Acne’s innate ability to take pieces assimilated into everyday wardrobes, shake them up, and make them new is quite fascinating.

There are worlds on worlds of apparel and accessories to mull through, yet few have achieved the effortless cool of Acne.

A cheat code, perhaps, is its Scandinavian design heritage, closeness to its nation’s youth culture, or its adoption by the Rihanna’s of the world.

Whatever its source, the proof is in the…sauce.

Just as much as throwing a sportswear sneaker collaboration into your fashion week mix has quickly become an essential foundation, aiming for high-end or luxury status is completely unattainable should you neglect to keep your eyes on the prize. The prize being a handbag with total flair, attitude, and flawless character.

There are many worthy of note, but today our focus is taken by Acne’s Distortion bag, the focal point of its latest FW22 campaign that’s currently available on Acne Studios’ website for $1,300 apiece (or $1k for a Mini size or $700 for the teeny tiny Micro).

While its name might have you thinking this might be something ghastly unwearable, with a completely distorted design language, this is far from the truth. Think of it as Photoshop realized through fashion, a vector warped at the edges, pulled into something otherwordly.

Arriving throughout FW22’s staggered release schedule, the Distortion is a nifty piece of leather with a top handle and removable crossbody strap. Several color options are available, as well as sizes, providing for all occasions and statements.

So there it is – the reinvented wheel. Actually, the reinvented handbag, but they’re one in the same, right?

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