Get Your Fancy Pants on, Cole Buxton


It’s high time we admitted it. Cole Buxton is setting levels. Throughout 2022 we’ve watched the brand grow at a great pace, demonstrating a consistent evolution of its signature styling, inter-brand themes, and forward vision.

Although firmly rooted in sportswear heritage, as reflected in its “Athletic Essentialism” tagline, to which its remained faithful to throughout its journey, this year has marked a distinct elevation of the boundaries this allows it to operate within.

At a foundation level, oversized t-shirts in distinct washes remain a staple, while vintage sportswear-inspired two-piece tracksuits have undergone several updates and upgrades. These are the wardrobe essentials that bring you into the brand’s sphere – what keeps you there, however, is the luxury destination Cole Buxton has carved out.

Beginning with its upped focus on knitwear last year, which proceeded silk insulated outerwear, followed by the arrival of its hyper-popular split pants, culminating in the recent arrival of its cupro monogram pants and denim jackets.

The recent August drop, which is available to shop online now, introduced a selection of luxury-inspired cupro Resort Pants – alongside a long-desired restock of its fan-favorite t-shirts (alongside a selection of new graphic and pocketed styles – decorated with a subtle CB monogram from top-to-bottom.

Finished in pink, blue, black, and brown, the pants walk the brand further into the bounds of high-end. The same can be said for its Italian-made oversized denim jackets, further extending the brand’s product categories.

Clearly, Cole Buxton will continue to walk this line, fully breaking into the luxury sphere once its teased leather products make their way to retail – and I, for one, am excited to watch the journey unfold.

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