Fresh Footwear Starts with LG’s Styler ShoeCase


Getting your hands (and feet) on your sneaker grails, whether that be through online raffles, the secondary market, or digging through the crates to find preloved classics. is the first step in keeping your collection fresh. Once you’ve secured them, and rocked them, storage and aftercare become priority number one.

While some of the game’s most dedicated sneakerheads have welcomed their social media followings into their cave of wonders (sneaker walls and rooms) and shared their sneaker care secrets, LG has unveiled its answer to footwear management.

Taking to IFA 2022, LG Electronics has unveiled its answer to at-home sneaker storage and care with the innovative Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare system.

This system, designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing home set up with a sleek rectangular design, is set as a foundation for shoe management, storage, and hygiene using the company’s hygiene-enhancing TrueSteam technology.

Built for a quiet and energy-efficient user experience, the Styler ShoeCase features transparent panels with a space-friendly, modular design that allows for sensible storage and showcases your collection – making it the perfect fit for collectors.

Moreover, this piece of kit protects against humidity and fabric-discoloring UV light, meaning your Nike, adidas, YEEZY, and Jordan grails will sleep sound at night.

To ensure the system stays at the forefront of the industry, LG will be partnering with various lifestyle brands to bring new features and functions to its shoe care appliances.

For now, the product’s release details remain a mystery, so check back here for updates as they come.

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