Herno Is Putting Your Future First

The luxury Italian outwear brand Herno has championed ethical production for over a decade and this season, it’s getting loud about it.

In 2019, Herno launched the Herno Globe label to identify its sustainable collections. For Herno Globe’s Fall/Winter 23 collection, the brand says it has created “a celebration of sustainability.” Bold colors, voluminous silhouettes, and graphics are plastered across the collection — it’s a big party, one thrown in honor of a future-conscious mindset. Or, as the slogans found on the back of the organic wool trenches implore, “If you change nothing, nothing will change.”

Yet as always, Herno’s primary attention is on the fabrics, research, and technology. The brand’s sourcing has always been rigorous and this season is no different. Every item in the collection is created from recycled, recyclable, or “accelerated degradation technology” wool and nylon; post-consumer PET bottles have been incorporated into the yarns; fishing nets and carpets transformed into nylons.

Herno also has a refreshingly realistic stance on where the vast majority of our clothing ends up and has thought about this in its production model, too. “After being landfilled,” it explains, talking of its best-seller, the Herno Globe Fast 5 nylon down jacket, “the complete anaerobic degradation process takes only five years compared to 50 of the common nylon. It decomposes into organic matter and biogas.”

This season also marks an exciting partnership with Italian-Dutch artist Selwyn Senatori. Herno often speaks of its deep relationship with contemporary art and views its jackets as a platform for creative expression. In response to this approach, Senatori created an artwork for the brand in which he explores his idea of a “green jacket for the future.” See the artwork for yourself in the video above.

Check out the full collection on herno.com.

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