Adam Sandler’s Big Shorts Strike Again

I think we can all agree that no one perfects the slouchy vibe quite like Adam Sandler.

When I say slouchy, I don’t mean bean-stained joggers and an off-white cotton vest sodden with warm lager, I’m saying relaxed and comfortable, but looking good doing it.

Ever since Highsnobiety Editor Jake Silbert wrote an ode to Sandler’s unexplored and seemingly effortless sense of style earlier this year, I’ve realised there’s an art to it.

I’ve been hooked (obsessed, in fact) with the way Sandler goes about his daily wardrobe. From his morning coffee runs and golf attire (no Happy Gilmore gags please), to television appearances and even the red carpet, his sartorial intention always remains the same: comfort.

One particular style note that has become an almost signature look for Sandler over the last 12 months is undoubtedly his big baggy shorts, something I was reminded of after seeing him spotted over the weekend in Brentwood, California, with a cold brew in hand and a “Y’ALL” tee.

On this occasion paired with a pair of HOKA’s Clifton runners, this served as another prime example of the actor’s ability to wear shorts baggy and long enough to look like a pair of ill-fitting trousers on someone like me, and make them look cool. Let’s face it: He is the epitome of slouch done well, and I’m here for it.

After topping Google’s 2021 Year in Search list for celebrity outfits, Sandler’s style is clearly no secret and I’m not revealing anything you didn’t already know. But, when it comes to his shorts: where does it end?

While the sky might be the limit for most people, for Sandler it’s the floor. Because when those shorts become too long and too baggy, it’s game over. For the time-being though, let’s all keep it slouchy, for Sandler’s sake.

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