Is NB About to Collab With Carhartt WIP Again?

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At this stage, there are only a handful of brands left for New Balance to work with for the first time. Widely regarded as the “King of Collabs,” the Boston-based sneaker label’s seemingly endless list of collaborators makes for a very good read.

Earlier this year, Carhartt WIP added its name to said list when it released a sought-after Made in USA 990v1 with NB, following months of speculation.

Now, as we approach the backend of the year and the myriad of Fall/Winter collaborations begin to deliver Ls, could NB and Carhartt WIP be set to join forces again?

If Carhartt WIP founder Edwin Faeh’s IG is anything to go by, the answer is yes after he uploaded an image of a billboard in Los Angeles, which adorned an image of a similar pair of sneakers to what they released back in April, alongside a reverse angle of some apparel.

Despite the eventual NB and Carhartt WIP link-up being a long-time coming (too long, in fact), many fans were disappointed with the ultimate choice of silhouette following the unveiling, with some calling for later iterations of the 990 instead.

For now, nothing concrete has been confirmed when it comes to the next silhouette or whether the two are even reuniting, but when the founder of one of the brands takes to IG to tease, you can be pretty sure something’s in the pipeline.

That being the case, we’re going to have to sit back and hold tight on this occasion, and instead let Teddy Santis’ next round of footwear whet our 990-fuelled lips for the time being, at least.

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