Acte TM Fuses the DNA of Mercedes-Benz in the New ACC01 Collection

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Mercedes-Benz is having a moment. From a Balenciaga collab, to a Virgil Abloh release, and even a teased A$AP Rocky x AWGE collab, everyone is working with the famed auto manufacturer. To add to the list is Acte TM, a rising creative studio based in Berlin. The agency has overseen a broad range of projects from installations in the Eastern Alps with Moncler to handling art direction for the coveted Prada x adidas collection, and has even worked with Mercedes-Benz before.

For this release, the studio wanted to expand on duo’s collaborative design language and draw inspiration from Mercedes-Benz’s digital and physical archives.

“We were very open to a collaboration that would allow us to think together about how luxury and purism can coexist or even merge in the future,” Acte TM tells us, who learned of the project from Antoni Garage, a Berlin based agency known for its work with the automotive manufacturer. “For the project, we drew on the brand’s information archive to delve deeper into its background, especially its history that combines emotion and intelligence into design that operates away from trends and thus has a timeless effect.”

The entire Capsule Collection includes 28 handmade pieces that can be combined to create a variety of looks. Each item is modular and exists in a coherent system that builds on each piece.

Pieces like the ACC-LT01, a performance oriented bodysuit made of old advertising banners that look akin to one of Mercedes-Benz most influential patents, the airbag, are a perfect example of the innovation Acte TM brings to the table. The entire suit borrows Mercedes-Benz’s anti-slip application commonly found in the interior and exterior of its vehicles.

The AB-BG01, a bag that mimics the basic characteristics of a car body utilizes a large 3D printed storage case that can be changed, or replaced to fit inside the bags recycled aluminum frame. “Due to the modular, exchangeable individual parts of the bag, it also picks up the methodology and function of the consoles in the interior.”

The studio also teamed up with winner of the first BERLIN, BERLIN Prize Kasia Kucharska to assist with the bold project.

“We chose to work with Studio Kasia Kucharska as they specialize not only in fashion design, but in sustainable and innovative manufacturing techniques, which we were able to integrate and benefit from for ACC01.” Like Acte TM, Kasia Kucharska also makes future forward work that pushes the boundaries of design and clothing.

“After a long preparation process with a first test run, we approached them to collaborate on the project, Acte TM mentions. “Since then, we have closely worked together on further developing the design and the physical engineering of the garments. We had regular fittings in their studio, flipping ideas and possibilities to find the best solution for each garment.”

When asked about the project Acte TM mentioned ‘It’s an exciting process to take these components and transform them into a new functional object or product. Regardless of the discipline or work that’s made, the Mercedes-Benz DNA of intelligence and emotion remains evident through these references.’

You can view the new ACC01 Capsule Collection exclusively at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week from Sep 5-7 at NOWADAYS.

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