Please Don’t Ghost on Stone Island!


Nobody likes to get ghosted, but for Stone Island, we might just go Ghost. No, that doesn’t involve leaving anybody on read, vanishing off the face of the earth, or things that go bump in the night; it means Stone Island is snatching outerwear season by the horns with a fresh delivery of Ghost Pieces.

It’s hard to pinpoint one division of Stone Island as a favorite when there are 40 years of bangers to consider. Even if you take Shadow Project out of the equation, only considering products from within the mainline – including Marina, Ghost, Special Projects, and everything in-between – you’d struggle to decide with hast.

I’ve always had a certain affinity for Ghost Pieces. Sure, my grails, which include the Mesh and Hidden Reflective, and Nylon Metal Watro Red Weft jackets, don’t fall within the category, but something is captivating about the monochrome pieces.

Inspired by the functional aspect of military camouflage, Stone Island’s Ghost line-up offers a selection of outerwear, pants, and sweats that are completely monochrome, with badges to match. Typically, each season opts for white, khaki, navy, and black, but FW22 brings grey into the fold.

FW22’s selection spotlights field jackets, military-inspired smocks, classic overshirts with large chest pockets, Bermuda shorts, and trousers crafted from the 100% organic O-VENTILE. As in standard from SI, this fabrication offers function as well as form, with its dense weaving and swelling properties when wet providing a strong all-weather barrier.

Additionally, the collection’s knitwear component is elevated thanks to cashmere constructions, while fleecing boasts heavy cotton to tackle the season.

Nosey the new collection up to, and get ready to go Ghost as the FW22 selection begins rolling out at stores now.

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