Telfar Is Hosting a Blowout Shopping Bag Sale for NYFW

What’s better than a Telfar runway show? A Telfar pop-up where customers can shop the brand’s coveted Shopping Bag in all colors and sizes. (Yes, you read that correctly: all colors and sizes.)

Forgoing a New York Fashion Week show, Telfar will take to Rainbow clothing in Brooklyn (a New York institution, for those who don’t know) with a one-day shopping extravaganza. On September 11 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., those in search of the elusive Shopping Bag can cop up to five in any size and color. Get there early — the line opens at 3.

Once on line, shoppers can pre-pay for a bag in their desired size. Inside, the scene will likely resemble something of a free-for-all, though a post on Telfar’s Instagram does specify: “DON’T HURT ANYONE.”

The brand typically releases Shopping Bags via limited drops and its buzzy Bag Security Program. Sunday’s event marks the first time Telfar has issued the Shopping Bag in all colorways and sizes at a physical retail location.

So go get your bag but please, don’t get injured.

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