Highsnobiety Staff Pick Their Favorite New York Spots


In time for September Fashion Weeks, the editorial team at Highsnobiety round up our favorite destinations to visit in each city, kicking off with none other than the Big Apple. By no means a definitive or even a comprehensive guide, the places named below are truly our top personal picks in retail and F&B in NYC. Whether you’re in the concrete jungle for New York Fashion Week or visiting on another occasion, we highly (highly) encourage you to check out these spots if you’re in town. Some of these are quintessentially, unapologetically New York, and some are more hidden gems, but no less worthwhile. Let us know where you end up.

Wu’s Wonton King

Leave pretension and peacocking at the door — Wu’s Wonton King, an unassuming spot adjacent to perpetually buzzy Dimes Square, is one of the most down-to-earth restaurants you’ll find on the Lower East Side. With reliably fast service and delicious, authentic Chinese food, Wu’s never fails. The Peking duck, wonton soup, and sticky rice are must-haves. – Alex Pauly, Style Writer

Nepenthes New York

Nepenthes has a NY flagship near Times Square (unfortunately), but the store is massive, with a wide selection of high-end Japanese garments. Don’t be too scared of the price tags as a lot of items are often on sale. – Mike Seegars, Instagram Manager

The family tree of Nepethes brands are all different, so that calls for a diverse selection at the retailer’s NY branch. Whether it’s outerwear from Engineered Garments or a Needles tracksuit, there’s something for everyone. – Jeffrey Lockhart, Instagram Manager


I recently visited this store for the first time and was blown away. The Kapital selection is top-tier! – Jeffrey Lockhart, Instagram Manager

Lil’ Frankies

Lil’ Frankies is an East Village staple. The owner Frank Prisinzano is an eccentric gem with a traditional Italian style that’s essential to NYC cuisine. Make sure you bring cash, try to make a res, and don’t mind sacrificing a bit of personal space for great bites. – Mike Seegars, Instagram Manager

C’H’C’M’ Shop

Even in a city famous for shopping, CHCM is an oasis of culture. Founder Sweetu Patel is in-store most days and, beyond being a wealth of knowledge about every brand he’s ever carried and more, he’s also just an incredibly nice dude. Many hours have been spent just hanging out, talking shop. And many more have been spent actually trying on the vast selection of unique garments that usually aren’t sold anywhere else. In fact, most of these brands specifically want to work with CHCM alone, because they understand a good thing when they see it. – Jake Silbert, News Editor


Veselka is a New York City classic and the perfect place to stop for a bite or cocktail in-between downtown fashion shows and showroom appointments! – Sam Knoll, Fashion Market Editor

Toñitas Social Club

If you are tired of the same rooftop bar or fancy lounge vibe but still want to party, head to Brooklyn for Toñitas. The self-proclaimed longest-running and last-remaining Latino Social Club in Williamsburg, Toñitas will give you the most welcoming and unforgettable bonding experience. $3 drinks? Check. Amazing music? Check. An even more amazing crowd, who are just there to dance and enjoy themselves, instead of being weird and creepy? Double check. If you’re lucky, you might even run into the owner Maria, who’ll serve you a home cooked meal (for free!). – Elaine YJ Lee, Senior Editor


It doesn’t get any better than Procell if you’re looking for the coolest of cult vintage pieces. Classic Jean Paul Gaultier to timeless Fendi and Chanel, this tiny shop downtown packs a ton of merch that will open up your wallets. You might be pleasantly surprised at some of the items’ nice price tags. – Elaine YJ Lee, Senior Editor

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