The Only Person as Stylish as Tyler the Creator Is His Girlfriend

Much has been written about Tyler the Creator’s mastery of effortless preppy style, his impeccable wardrobe, and excellent accessorizing (killer watches! Flex-worthy bags!). It’s a hard act to follow, so all the more impressive that Tyler’s currently dating one of the only people whose style can compare to his own.

Tyler the Creator’s girlfriend is model Reign Judge, a familiar face to anyone who’s scoped recent campaigns for fashion brands like Miu Miu, Gucci, and Tyler’s own GOLF LE FLEUR* brand. The couple has been dating since 2021, making their first public appearance together on a LACMA red carpet in December 2021.

Judge’s style is a neat match to Tyler’s own smart-casual predilections.

Her Instagram page is rife with selfies showcasing Lacoste cardigans, collared shirts, and Chanel bags, a high-low mix that’s complementary to Tyler’s own too-cool-to-thrift closet.

Tyler and Judge were spotted in New York on September 7 before they attended a Lupe Fiasco concert together, sitting and strolling around Soho amidst some pleasant late summer weather.

It wasn’t exactly cold outside, though you wouldn’t know it from the two’s outfits.

Tyler rocked a elbow-patched pink sweater, demonstrating how easy it is to make a V-neck knit atop a crew-neck T-shirt look cool in a retro, professorial sense.

His thin-rim sunglasses, washed-out denim jeans, and tassled loafers — Tyler’s signature shoe — reiterated a vintage-y feel.

But Tyler again pulled off a trick that only he has dialed down to a science. Look at the individual pieces in his ‘fit: it all looks thriftable, except it’s thoughtfully styled with a flattering, relaxed silhouette and then amped up with exquisite accessories: a chunky necklace, thick rings, a crossbody Goyard trunk.

The latter, in particular, is super cool as a low-key luxury flex. It also serves as a quiet reminder of his affinity for luggage-style bags.

Reign Judge, meanwhile, was wearing a worthy counterpart to Tyler’s Cool Grandpa look, with the casual feel of a rugby shirt and white slacks elevated by Gucci heels, a furry tote, and delicate earrings with a scrunchie to match.

She attains a aesthetic of effortlessly cool Parisian elegance to akin to that GOLF LE FLEUR* campaign she starred in last year.

Together, Tyler and Judge are quite a pair. They’re a stylistic match like few famous couples can claim to be, save for someone like Tyler’s pal A$AP Rocky and the inimitable Rihanna.

But they’ve got their own taste and a unique approach to dressing that’s simultaneously worldly and youthful. Aspirational stuff, to be sure.

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