Coperni’s Hybrid Flares Ask: How Would a Pair of Pants Wear Pants?

Coperni is giving TikTok a run for its money with a new offering seemingly inspired by the app’s latest style hack: cutting the legs off a pair of jeans and wearing them over boots.

Confused? Let me explain. Back in August, model-turned-brand-founder Elsa Hosk shared a ‘fit pic featuring a pair of Frankenstein-ian boots. Made by Icelandic footwear brand Kalda, the shoes — officially dubbed the Bux Denim Jeans Boot — is a sort of cross between denim leg-warmers and pointy-toed heels.

Emulating Hosk’s eye-catching jean-boots, TikTokers began slicing their blue jeans at the knee and layering them over boots already in their closet for an easy DIY.

Now, Coperni, the cool-kid brand behind Doja Cat’s viral glass handbag, is offering a new way to wear the trend with a new release.

The brand’s Denim Hybrid Flare Trousers are black leggings that turn into denim flares at the knee. Upping the ante, Coperni outfits each denim panel with its own tiny pocket and “waistband,” complete with belt loops and a mini leather belt.

The design is essentially two pairs of pants: one for your thighs, and one for your calves. I don’t know about you, but I’m reminded of the infinite riffs on the “How Would a Dog Wear Pants” meme — specifically, the below.

Coperni’s mind-bending pant-pants are available for pre-order for $1,120. TikTok, do your thing.

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