Fix Up, NYC! Drake’s Is Back in Town


As a kid when I tried to picture Savile Row, I envisaged rude beanpole aristocrats long-leggedly pacing around in three-piece suits and pointy Chelsea boots, rudely ordering small tailors with tape measures thrown around their shoulders to make them a well-fitted suit immediately.

The fact the first tailors opened on Savile Row way back in 1846 probably means my vision may have been correct at one time or another, but when it comes to modern day W1, things are a little more chill.

One name in particular to have popped Savile Row on the heat map in recent years (they’ll hate that) is Drake’s, the East London-founded tailors opened by Michael Drake back in 1977.

Today, under the guidance of Creative Director Michael Hill, Drake’s unique approach to tailoring and sophisticated styling has seen it team up with a myriad of brands outside of the formal world, most notably with Aimé Leon Dore back in 2019.

Describing itself as “a purveyor of classic British elegance,” Drake’s link-up with the Teddy Santis-founded brand was successful, to say the least, and has undoubtedly had a part to play in its freshly-refurbished NYC-based “Open Studio”.

Located at 327 Canal Street, Lower Manhattan, the new large, bright, and beautifully curated space features the full Drake’s offering, with an increased focus on tailoring, as well as a rotating program of art, collaborations, and New York exclusives.

Installations at the store have also been designed to allow for varied occasions, too. Industrial trolleys, platforms, and storage units have been used to display the season’s collection, while more permanent features like the new made-to-order pavilion transports customers to Drake’s flagship back on Savile Row.

To say Drake’s fresh New York will be an experience is an understatement, but just make sure that before you visit, you’ve straightened up that tie, FGS. That’s better.

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