MAAP Wheels Up its Alt_Road Collection for Fall


MAAP’s not in the business of keeping stationary. I mean, why would it be? Pace and stamina are the names of the game when you’re living life on two wheels, and without preparation, neither is possible. As such, the arrival of fall demands an Alt_Road collection update, and MAAP delivers.

Just in case you needed a reminder, summer’s end is only fourteen days away. Two weeks, and that’s it; it’s over. Whether or not you’re ready to thrust your foot into the sludge of fall, it’s coming, and with it, rain and wind.

If you’re one of the sorts that often finds yourself straddling the seat and pushing peddles, the arrival of less-than-ideal riding conditions probably sends a (literal) shiver down your spine. I’ve been away from my bike for about a month now, and honestly, I’m not too sure if I’m in a rush to have muddy water splashing up my backside.

There’s a fix for that, though, and it begins with MAAP. If anyone is going to get you right for those fall cycling sessions, It’d be MAAP. Naturally.

The ever-evolving Alt_Road collection has been delivering slickly styled cycling essentials throughout the year, and the transitional season beckons more. Updated lines include the Lightweight Anorak, which boasts complete wet-weather protection. All of the usual staple wears are included in the new drop, updated with a sprinkling of fall tones.

For the cycling savvy, there’s plenty to be desired. Fortunately, the whole range is available to shop online now, so before you get stuck in to your next break check, do yourself a favor.

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