The Ksubi 23 Anniversary Collection Celebrates With The Next Generation Of Talent

We’ve done our research, and the studies show that nobody does denim quite like Ksubi. It’s distressed denim and provocative designs made this Australian-born denim brand a cult favorite with a global following since its start in 1999.

Taking a fresh approach by introducing elements of conceptual art to fashion, the brand expanded into a global movement. Loved by celebrities such as A$AP Rocky, in recent years Ksubi has partnered on collaborations with global names such as Travis Scott and Kendall Jenner, evolving the brand to its place today and developing a cult following that remains as loyal as ever today.

Now celebrating it’s 23rd anniversary, a number synonymous in the sporting world with greatness, the streetwear brand takes a moment to reflect on its legacy, as well as highlight the next generation of talent, with it’s collectors-edition capsule collection, Ksubi 23.

Featuring the brand’s legendary slogan, ​​”Royalty, Heroism and The Streets”, which is normally featured on Ksubi’s cult pocket tags, each of its pieces features gold embroidery and retains the distinct fearless spirit which made Ksubi what it is today, while its accompanying campaign looks forward with the help of 23 trailblazing tastemakers.

Handing over its platform, Ksubi has curated a line-up of global up-and-coming musicians, artists, and athletes to shine a light on the next generation of talent who are set to change the game. Captured in self-directed shoots, the Ksubi 23 have shared insights into their world and how they hone their craft.

The line-up features names such as Detroit-based musician and fine artist ZelooperZ, Surf Gang producer EVILGIANE, NYC rapper Clip and photographer Urban Wyatt, to name a few. Meet the entire Ksubi 23 crew in the gallery below:

Each talent’s connecting thread is that they have all built names for themselves and excelled in their dedicated craft through their sense of individuality – much like the denim wear brand itself.

To get more perspective on Ksubi 23, we caught up with artists Slumpy Kev, Ocean Lewis, and Serwah Attafuah who gave us unique insight into the campaign and a look at how they’ve built a career off of doing things their own way.

Slumpy Kev, Graphic Artist, US

What does it mean for you to be a part of the Ksubi 23 Campaign?

As a fan of streetwear, this is a milestone. I found out about Ksubi through X’s music and I know he would’ve been proud of this moment.

In your opinion, what makes Ksubi stand apart from other denim wear brands?

The influence they have had on underground fashion and streetwear. That’s something you could never replicate or take away from the brand.

What’s your earliest memory of creating art?

Drawing cartoons on postcards around 3rd grade.

When was the moment that you realized that your approach was unlike anyone else’s when it came to art?

When strangers and celebrities started to gravitate toward my art without any marketing or industry backing.

You’ve created so many pieces from iconic cartoon characters. What about them interests you?

The nostalgia behind the characters and also how difficult they were to replicate. All of my designs are hand-painted.

What’s one project you’re currently working on that you’re most excited about?

Definitely Slumpy Kev x stillz.

Tell us about the creative process behind your most recent collab with Ksubi.

I wanted to keep it simple and use the opportunity to work with Ksubi as a way to start pushing my original ideas and watch them come to life.

How do you hope people feel while wearing pieces from the collab?

Above everything else, I hope people feel comfortable.

Ocean Lewis, Model + Athlete, UK

What does it mean for you to be a part of the Ksubi 23 Campaign?

It’s really a 360 moment for me. I remember buying my first Ksubi jeans a couple of years back and now I’m part of their 23 campaign. I’ve always wanted to be a collaborative artist with 37LDN, and now that is actually happening, it’s crazy.

In your view what sets the Ksubi 23 campaign and collection apart from what Ksubi has done in the past?

Ksubi reaches out to individuals they feel represent the brand, beyond the surface, actual people who curate their life around arts and fashion. Working with real people and letting them take the reins on the direction of the campaign keeps it authentic.

Your talents cross many spheres from track to modeling and design. How do you define what you do?

In all honesty, I’m still trying to work out the answer. I try not to put myself under one umbrella as those pursuits are all my passions. I like the idea of what I do not being able to be defined, it leaves room for anything I want to get myself stuck into!

Can you draw on any similarities between your disciplines as an athlete and your creativity?

I treat both as an outlet, they are my forms of meditation. The same way someone experiences a ‘runners high’ I reach that point whilst creating, say a ‘creators high’. Stippling is a very slow way to illustrate, I find that process therapeutic and enjoy that one of my drawings can take weeks to finish. Similar to sports, you can’t run a personal best without the training behind it, there’s no quick win so the reward always feels greater.

In your opinion, what makes Ksubi stand apart from other denim wear brands?

Ksubi has always stood out to me from a young age. A close family friend of mine used to wear Ksubi jeans like they were a religion. He was a mod and I always thought he looked well put together, so my earliest memories of looking ‘cool’ were associated with Ksubi denim.

Ksubi has identified you as being a person that is changing the game. What makes you stand out from other individuals in your field?

In which I am honored to be regarded! I feel what makes me stand out is being the representation of doing anything and everything you love. If you’re passionate enough about all the things you do. Who is the say only one of them could bring you to success? All my interests have been significant to my journey and have worked in unison to put me in the position I am in today, and I’m so grateful to my past self for not giving up on any of them.


Serwah Attafuah, NFT Creator + Artist, AUS


Ksubi has identified you as being a person that is changing the game in the art world. What makes you stand out from other artists?

I try to innovate and experiment. Back when I was in TAFE (college) I deliberately decided to pursue digital art as opposed to painting traditional art which is what I saw everybody around us do. I knew that pursuing digital art would help me stand out against my peers and it’s definitely become a reality.

What excites you most about cyberspace in the art industry?

Cyberspace is for the people. Having cyberspace intersect with art totally changes the game because we no longer have gatekeepers or rules, suddenly becomes fun again. It’s super experimental and I think that’s why I’m so excited by it.

Which project have you been most proud of in your career thus far?

At the moment, my favorite would have to be the piece I created for Paris Hilton last year. Paris Dm’ed to me totally out of the blue and commissioned me to create a piece around the theme of female empowerment. She gave me heaps of space and artistic freedom to do what I want and I’m super stoked with the artwork I created, which was sold at Sotheby’s last year in an NFT auction to a cool collector by the name of 6529.

What similarities, if any, have you found between the fashion industry and the world of NFTs?

Fashion is just wearable art so it’s not much different from NFT art or collecting or other art really. About collecting what you think is valuable and what expresses the persona you want to convey to the world.

In your opinion, what makes Ksubi stand apart from other denim wear brands?

I can definitely see the punk and hard-core influences in everything the brand does from design to overall presentation to me that’s standout and speaks to me as someone deeply involved in that culture.

What does it mean for you to be a part of the Ksubi 23 Campaign?

It’s such an honor to be collaborating with such a dope Australian brand that has a strong passionate vision.


Discover the full lineup for Ksubi 23 and hear more about their stories at The 23 collection is available to shop now.

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