Look, It’s Jared Leto In Tie-Dye (Maybe) Eating a Cornish Pasty


Let me get this out there early on: Jared Leto is 50. FIFTY YEARS OLD. FIVE ZERO. Five decades deep with the hair and jawline of a Greek fucking God.

Not only is he nearly twenty years my senior, he seems to be doing a much better job of life than I am too: Golden Globe winner, Academy Award winner, the actual Joker, and the frontman of Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Sure he’s had more time to accomplish stuff, but come on. FIFTY?!

Enough of the drama anyway, let’s focus on what really matters: style.

Leto is known for his out-there looks. Think St Tropez vibes with Willy Wonka, or something like that. He’s a guy who thrives on uniqueness and relishes the spotlight, heck, his Wikipedia doesn’t even describe him as a frontman, but as an “eccentric stage persona,” whatever that is.

Look, I’m here for it, as I am too for his latest style moment: him neck-to-ankle in a comfy AF-looking tie-dye sweater tracksuit wandering the streets of New York City eating, what could well be (but might not be), a Cornish bloody pasty. It’s modern art at its finest.

Irrespective of his choice of snack (maybe it’s a sausage roll, actually, or some kind of baguette?), his ability to pull off something as wild as a tie-dye tracksuit (and a potentially greasy snack), and inexplicably rock it with a pair of black On sneakers and a red cap is remarkable. Outstanding, in fact.

For those wondering, the particular tracksuit in question is that of SPRWMN (pronounced soo-per-woo mun), a womenswear label based out of Hollywood’s Melrose Place, although it’s currently out of stock.

That being said, their all-white fleece ensemble is readily available, so making your own shouldn’t be too much of an issue, if it’s the Leto look you’re after, of course. Fifty?! Good lord. I want some of what he’s having.

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