G-SHOCK’s G-STEEL Goes Gold to “Stay Gold”


If the launch of G-SHOCK’s full-metal “CasiOak” GM-B2100 has left you hungry for more stainless steel watches, look no further than the launch of G-SHOCK’s “Stay Gold” collection.

Back at secondary school, Casio was everywhere. Most of the time, seeing the brand name meant a scientific calculator was sat in front of you in a maths or physics class; this did wonders for brand recognition (because you never wanted to see one again), but little in ways of pushing you into a sale. Calculators aside, this was back in the peak of Tumblr, when vintage Casio watches and ultra-modern G-SHOCKs were wrapped around the wrists of most students.

It felt like G-SHOCK had a monopoly on teenage watch wearers, and given its adoption by hip-hop and streetwear, that cultural relevance shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Fast forward to now, and the G-SHOCK continues to hold weight, thanks to frequent releases and a commitment to collaborations with some of the industry’s hottest brands, such as Daily Paper.

When the iconic “CasiOak” arrived in full-metal construction earlier this year, it was met with expectedly high success. With G-SHOCKs typically being resin constructions, metal options offer an elevated, more mature take on the brand.

For the second G-STEEL release of the year, the men’s GM5600G and GM2100G and women’s GMS2100GB-1A and GMS5600GB-1 models have been updated with gold ion-plated stainless steel faces, contrasted with black resin straps.

A selection of timepieces Sam Sparro would be proud of, you can tap into all four options from the Casio G-SHOCK “Stay Gold” collection online now via the brand’s US portal. As of yet, there’s no indication of when the collection may make its way to the UK and Europe, so keep your eyes peeled for updates as they come.

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