Is EG x Palace Engineered Skateboards or Palace Garments?

No matter what you call Engineered Garments x Palace Skateboards, you can’t lose. Palace Garments? Engineered Skateboards? It’s all gold to me!

The collaboration was teased by both Engineered Garments and Palace on their respective Instagram accounts on September 12, promising a partnership fraught with colorful layering pieces, sophisticated outerwear, and the requisite co-branding you expect of everything that Palace touches.

Nothing concrete yet but expect something solid shortly.

One notable bit from the teaser: Engineered Garments founder Daiki Suzuki steps in front of the camera for a rare speaking appearance. Always fun to see.

Engineered Garments has been plenty busy, with or without a team-up with one of the world’s hottest streetwear brands.

Besides launching its own Fall/Winter 2022 collection, the New York-based brand has already dished collabs with Dr. Martens, Lee Korea, and Trickers, to name but a few, all after revealing its lush AF Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

Though Engineered Garments is a veritable veteran of collaborative efforts, it’s one of the few brands under the Nepenthes umbrella to not issue its own youth culture collab even after all these years.

South2 West8, for instance, dropped a surprise team-up with Supreme for Summer 2021 while NEEDLES has released special gear with A$AP Rocky’s AWGE collective several times over the past couple years.

So this link-up is a pretty big deal for the relatively unostentatious EG, despite its lengthy collaborative legacy.

Palace, meanwhile, is well into the swing of things, rolling out its sizeable Fall 2022 collection accordingly.

The Engineered Garments collab is only one of several team-ups Palace has on the way and follows in the footsteps of several previous efforts that’ve seen Palace partner with other fashion labels, like Calvin Klein, Evisu, and Kappa.

Perhaps the best analogue is the Palace x The North Face Purple Label collection, a nifty Japan-only drop that combined Palace’s street smarts with TNFPL’s outdoorsy aesthetic. We can only hope that Palace x EG is similarly stylish.

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