The Real NYFW Is Wherever Rihanna Goes

In case you didn’t know, Rihanna is insanely stylish. If she ain’t the single best-dressed celeb doing it today, she’s certainly up there and partner A$AP Rocky is right behind. Even during New York Fashion Week 2022, Rihanna’s got hardly any competition for being best-dressed.

It all began on September 6, when Rihanna headed to dinner at Nobu, flexing a shockingly vivid all-yellow Balenciaga ensemble.

How do you make neon colors look effortlessly cool and not Big Bird chic? According to Rihanna, size up, slip on some shades, and skip the statement jewelry.

Then, on September 9, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were spotted on at the NYFW party for Mercer + Prince, Rocky’s whisky company.

Rocky looked typically laid back in a beige sweater and baggy jeans while Rihanna epitomized nightlife elegance in glittering jewelry, an off-the-shoulder blazer-style jacket, and sleek satin dress.

It’s demonstrative of Rihanna’s exceptional taste that, one night, she epitomizes effortless streetwear in baggy layers from the world’s hottest fashion brand and, a few evenings later, she’s sipping drinks as the pinnacle of grace.

The whisky event was the only time that Rihanna or Rocky were spotted at any NYFW event thus far, but it’s enough to position Rihanna as the city’s best-dressed, by far.

Despite all the other folks wearing Balenciaga, no one wears it better than Rih-Rih.

Take the outfit she wore on September 11 as evidence.

En route to meet a few friends for dinner at the Bowery Hotel, Rihanna again donned giant Balenciaga clothing, this time piling on a massive denim anorak over enormous washed-out jeans.

But, because Rihanna is Rihanna, she matched the already outré outfit to bright yellow sunglasses and heels, with dangling diamond earrings to boot.

Suffice to say, Rihanna makes it look easy. How many of us normal folks would be tempted to tone down their accessories while deigning to step out in daring denim jeans? Rihanna proves, again, that she’s simply some kind of supernatural stylist.

This isn’t Rihanna’s first time rocking oversized denim, of course, as she memorably flexed massive layers while strolling Central Park with A$AP Rocky and even made Glenn Martens’ insane Y/Project denim heels look unchallenging/

Not that A$AP Rocky is a stylistic slouch, mind you — remember when he casually made an outfit he wore as a child look cool? — but who can compare to Rihanna?

Whether or not she ends up at any actual NYFW events, she’ll always be our best-dressed, forever and ever.

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