Did Pete Davidson Just Pull a Kanye At The Emmys?

In the latest episode of how Pete Davidson is resisting wearing a suit to dressy occasions, he has ditched the Vans he wore to a White House dinner and gone full-on workwear.

Getting on stage to present a prize at this year’s edition of the Emmy Awards, Davidson, a trailblazer in creating accidental sleaze, chose not to keep to the tradition of wearing a black tuxedo and plain trousers; a convention which, fortunately, many of the other attendees on the red carpet also didn’t abide by.

Instead, he opted for a typically laidback look which he deploys almost regardless of context. I mean, this is the same person who trailblazed being a scumbro.

Although the white sunglasses were a bit garish in his latest outfit, everything else that he wore is painfully ordinary as he paired a Dickies jacket and pants with white ASICS sneakers.

We previously wrote that Questlove wearing Crocs on the Grammys red carpet was rewriting the formality rulebook, and Davidson’s ASICS might just deserve a chapter in there.

But, his white running shoes aren’t actually what has caught my eye with this look. The first public appearance since his split with Kim Kardashian, there are some big parallels with his outfit and one of the most high-profile outfits worn by another Kardashian ex.

Wind your brain back to the 2019 Met Gala and you will remember Kim Kardashian rocking up in a decadent gown from Mugler while we all gawped at her then-husband as he wore a $43 Dickies jacket to the biggest night in the fashion calendar.

It’s an outfit that solidified Ye’s longstanding love of workwear, and some Twitter users are already creating conspiracies that this was not by coincidence, that this was Davidson’s way of mocking Ye. And as entertaining as that petty move would be, I think it’s unlikely to be the case.

No matter which side you stand on with the Pete Davidson and Ye drama, there’s one thing that (almost) all of us can agree on: they know how to get a fit off.

Whether that be as the leader for scumbros worldwide or as the leader of the neverending hype machine that is YEEZY, they are two figures that we are always curious to see a new outfit from. And, sometimes, those two worlds can have some crossover.

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