Hike & Hype Thanks to Supreme x Nike ACG

When rumors began circulating of a FW22 Supreme x Nike ACG collaboration earlier this year, streetwear kids across the globe were in raptures.

Well, six months on, it’s time to fix up and get your head in the game, because the New York stalwart has finally revealed the contents of its latest link-up with Nike’s popular hiking line and, spoiler alert: it’s great.

After months of waiting, Supreme took to IG yesterday to officially unveil the collaboration, which is due to land on September 15 alongside week three of its FW22 mainline offering.

Typically, the collection itself is made for the outdoors. Alongside an expected array of GORE-TEX-ridden outerwear, the capsule also comprises a series of denim and fleece pieces, as well as pullovers, jerseys, tees, and leg wear.

Notably, the collection doesn’t include footwear, much to the dismay of a number of commenters, although merely one week off the back of the Supreme x Nike SB Blazer release, maybe we’re being a little too optimistic.

Whatever the case, there’s no doubt Supreme x Nike ACG FW22 will fly and you’ll have to have your wits about you to land almost anything, if you don’t fancy paying four-times the price on a resale site, that is.

To soften the likely blow of getting absolutely nothing from the collaboration, the third instalment of Supreme’s FW22 collection will accompany its release, so if you are served up a big L when it comes to Nike ACG gear, you might be able to get some inline stuff, if you’re lucky.

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