Summer’s Over, Long Live All-Black Outfits


Summer’s over and so is color. Call us dreary, but we’ve been waiting for the moment it’s okay to stop pretending we like wearing colorful linen pieces and just tell the truth: we like wearing all-black outfits composed of heavy wool and leather. So, with black clothing firmly back on the menu, let’s dive in.

Legendary designer Yohji Yamamoto once said: “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy but mysterious. But above all, black says this: “I don’t bother you, don’t bother me.”” Black is the ultimate styling tool, essentially. If you’re going to wear one color, make sure it’s black, and if you still want to insert flashes of color, they’ll look best when set against a black backdrop.

The thing with black clothing, though, is that if you’re building all-black outfits, you need to look beyond the color. Look to textures and materials to give your outfit personality. Below, we’ve put together the best black clothing to cop right now from SSENSE, and it’s defined by beautiful materials and interesting textures.

Shop the best black clothing from SSENSE below.

Our Legacy Hellraiser Jacket

Our Legacy always comes with the best leather jackets of the season. This FW season, we’re obsessing over the Hellraiser Jacket cut from beautiful, glossy black leather.

Lu’u Dan Duster Coat

Duster Coat

Another major positive of the seasonal change is that massive coats reenter the wardrobe. Lu’u Dan’s Duster Coat almost trails on the floor it’s that big. As we all know: the bigger the coat, the better the outfit.

Marine Serre Embroidered T-Shirt

Embroidered T-Shirt

While we love avant-garde black pieces, black clothing is prime staple territory, so keeping things simple is also a good tactic. This Marine Serre tee is the kind of thing you’ll wear year in, year out.

Andersson Bell Adrian22 Turtleneck

Adrian22 Turtleneck

Knitwear, that’s all. Black knitwear. We’re so happy you’re back. This Andersson Bell turtleneck features a strip of textured fabric to the reverse to add some punch to the classic piece.

CFCL Fluted Tank Top

Fluted Tank Top

We spoke about the importance of texture when you’re playing with just one color. This Flute Tank Top by CFCL looks to an irregular pleated finish to bring a new angle to your all-black outfits.

TAAKK Crocheted Sweater

Crocheted Sweater

We’re envisioning this crocheted sweater on top of a white tee to make the most of the gaps in the yarn. Styling black clothes doesn’t need to be boring.

SOPHNET. 2Tuck Tapered Trousers

2Tuck Tapered Trousers

Your fall/winter wardrobe needs a pair of pleated black trousers. There’s no way around it. SOPHNET. is taking care of us this year with the 2Tuck Trousers.

Marsèll Carro Derby Shoes

Carro Derby Shoes

Marsèll makes formal leather shoes with a twist. This pair of Derby Shoes features a raised sole unit and patent leather uppers, exemplifying exactly what we mean when we say that dressing in black doesn’t mean dressing boringly.

Salomon XA-Pro 3D Low-Top Sneakers

XA-Pro 3D Low-Top Sneakers

Salomon’s heavily technical designs look about as good as they possibly can when dressed in black. We love Salomon’s bright color palettes but there’s something so raw about the XA-Pro 3D when it’s blacked out.

Marni Small Museo Bag

Small Museo Tote Bag

All-black means accessories too. A high-quality black leather bag will see out many, many seasons to come, and this minimal design from Marni is going nowhere style-wise.

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