We Chose the 2022 Emmys’ Best Red Carpet Menswear

It’s been a great year for red carpet style. The Oscars, the Grammys, the Met Gala, even the darn VMAs came through with some truly exceptional outfits and we expect the Emmys to not disappoint. Admittedly, the Emmy awards are an inherently smaller show compared to the aforementioned outings but, hey, it’s 2022 and everybody’s dressing these days.

Whereas the Oscars focus on film, the Grammys on Music, the Tonys on theater, and the Met Gala on, uh, a theme decided by Anna Wintour, the Emmys are dedicated to excellence in television.

A few decades ago, that might’ve meant a snoozefest but, in the era of streaming, the lines have been blurred between the mediums. “Television” is a loose phrase without a ton of meaning, anyways, given that you can flip between TV shows, movies, and YouTube videos on your television, computer, tablet, or smartphone as you please.

And what is “prestige television” but a really long movie, anyways?

As a result, the Emmy attendees are incredibly varied, with appearances from A-listers, up-and-comers, and industry insiders alike. The fashion has historically been a bit tamer than the other events since the Emmys aren’t as “hip” as its sibling award shows but that’s shifted in recent years thanks in part to the new ways that we consume content, as mentioned above.

So, don’t come in expecting the explosive outfits we saw at the VMAs, Oscars, and Met Gala, but the Emmys are still fun. Every red carpet is a runway.

This being Highsnobiety, we opted to select best-dressed with a menswear slant.

Our list, edited in real time as famous faces arrive on the 74th Emmys red carpet, includes both folks keeping in black tie tradition and some more adventurous ensembles, a worthy representation of where the Emmys used to be and where they are now.

Jordan Temple

The Atlanta, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Abbott Elementary producer looked dapper in a trim shawl-collared velvet tux. Freed from a tie, Temple was instead weighed down by a wrist full of watches.

Mark Indelicato

Floor-scraping tails, a glittery handbag, and hairdo straight out of the roaring twenties — save for its vivid red hue — make this former Ugly Betty co-star anything but ugly. Quite pretty, in fact.

Andrew Ecker

As an editor on The Bachelor, Ecker mostly stays out of the spotlight. Shame, because we’re all missing out on his lovely sequined coat.

Bob Odenkirk

Nowadays, comedian Bob Odenkirk is best known for portraying Saul Goodman on Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad but we have fond memories of his underrated HBO sketch comedy program Mr. Show. It aired back in the late ’90s, when Odenkirk was far more likely to wear cargo shorts than a trim Dior suit.

But fast forward to 2022 and here we are. There are still vestiges of the old Odenkirk (Oldenkirk?) too: that unkempt grey beard and goofy shades are a sign that everyone old is new again.

Lee Jung-jae

Squid Game star Lee Jung-jae is a Gucci ambassador so no surprise that he turned up to the Emmys looking sharp in a metal-studded suit, complete with leather tie for the subtle flex. How on-trend!

Harvey Guillén

Though Guillén is most famous for What We Do in the Shadows and a spate of voice acting appearance, he deserves to be better known for getting off this mighty fit, which proves that you can look both cohesively fashionable and comfortably cool on a red carpet.

John Legend

John Legend hit the red carpet in a cream suit (again). But we can’t help but give him a pass because he always looks so gosh darn good in them.

Reece Feldman

They say dress for the job you want. Perhaps that’s why young actor Reece Feldman is already dudded up in the brand that A-listers like Ryan Reynolds wear: Bode (or perhaps something Bode-like), complete with lacey shirt and opera pumps.

Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult’s Dior ‘fit is proportion perfection with a cropped jacket and flared trousers that fit just right.

Speaking of just right, don’t miss the details: The Great star swapped a tie for a statement necklace and cufflinks for a wrist-side patch embroidered with “If you can read this I must love you to let you this close.” We love you too!

O Yeong-su

Venerable Squid Game star O Yeong-su always looks good. He doesn’t wear the craziest clothes but, with his famous warm smile, he doesn’t have to.

Seth Rogen

What can we say? Seth Rogen’s style has gone super saiyan, complete with blonde ‘do.

Jerrod Carmichael

If you must go shirtless, an enormous fur coat is the only acceptable substitute.

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