côte&ciel Offers a 2-4-1 FW22 Collection


Two great families aligned are always better than one, right? The Targaryen and Valyrians, anyone? Jokes aside, côte&ciel’s two-pronged approach to FW22 presents two halves of the same card; two distinct visions sharing the same destination.

For those yet to dip into the world of côte&ciel, the Parisian brand has taken a unique approach to its baggage craft. Designed and presented as architectural structures, every functional option within its arsenal can proudly say it’s unlike anything else the industry has to offer.

This unique design direction not only results in a broad variety of silhouettes but ensures that each boasts functional or protective elements tailored to the needs of city dwellers the world over.

As it strides into FW22, côte&ciel presents two “families” of bags with distinct identities. The first, dubbed the Infinity collection, bares a circular construction that wraps and curls around itself, taking on the appearance of an unfurling flower bud.

In contrast, the second family of baggage options puts the focus on reflective detailing and pops of neon color to bring high levels of visibility and light to an otherwise dark, seasonal collection. While color is welcome regardless, the visibility that these touches provide is essential to city commuters during the darker months of the year.

Each collection offers a selection of new and returning favorites of all shapes and sizes, including small carries, cross bodies, duffels, and more – all of which will be shoppable online in the next week.

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