LG’s MoodUP™ Presents Next-Level Customization

There is perhaps no better feeling than owning something that represents your most authentic self, reflecting your unique mood. Whether it be a custom-made purchase or a personalized gift, the feeling of putting an individual spin on our possessions undoubtedly makes for a more meaningful experience.
Now, LG joins the chat in the most unexpected way with MoodUP™, a color-changing refrigerator. To celebrate the importance of a fully tailored experience, LG teamed up with NTS to throw a curated party in Berlin called ‘Notes and Tones’.

While we’ve all heard of tailored suits and designable mugs, the LG MoodUP™ reflects the strong growing demand for next-level customization. So whether you’re kicking back at home alone or hosting a dinner party with friends, MoodUP™ can now effortlessly reflect how you’re feeling and who you are by elevating any kitchen space to feel more like your own.

MoodUP™ features LED light panels on its front that can illuminate in 41 colors (22 for its top panels, 19 for its bottom panels), all of which are conveniently controllable from an app on your phone. Red, green, blue, pink – however, whichever color palette you’d like to use to express yourself, MoodUP™ has you covered. Furthermore, the fridge flexes built-in Bluetooth capabilities, taking its adaptive capabilities beyond just aesthetics.

Putting the art of personalization into practice, LG and NTS’ ‘Notes and Tones’ gave guests an immersive experience inspired by MoodUP. Attendees were guided through distinctive moods through custom cocktails, color-shifting ambiance, and rotating DJ sets by NTS artists and Berlin-favorites Eva Geist, mobilegirl, Slim Soledad, and Zakia.

MoodUP™ proves that anything can and should be a reflection of your most authentic moods. Check out more from ‘Notes and Tones’ below:

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