Seriously, This Human Made Drop Is Bananas!

Human Made’s latest houseware drop is pretty ripe, to say the least.

To be clear, NIGO’s streetwear label is dropping fake bananas for its second home goods collection, slated to drop on September 17.

Stamped with Human Made and Gears for Futuristic Teenagers branding, the Human Made replica fruit also comes with a stand, all for the price of ¥13,200 (approximately $92 for us statesiders).

Though the Human Made fruit rep and holder are a package deal, how the product is used is left to the discretion of Human Made’s faux-fruit-loving fans.

Using the Human Made stand to flex real bananas? That’s fine. Tossing the Human Made banana in the kitchen’s faux fruit bowl? That’s cool, too. Copping the wild product just because it’s Human Made? Hey man, do you.

Now, the Human Made banana dupe isn’t new. This latest drop is actually a restock following the product’s comical introduction during the brand’s first houseware collection in May.

Also, a sewing box, bathroom organizers, wet sheet case, and trashcan return from May’s release, this time receiving a clean white paint job after the initial grey offering.

Certainly, Human Made’s forthcoming homeware collection – which drops Saturday on Human Made’s website — isn’t NIGO’s first (and probably not the last) effort at making Human Made literally a lifestyle.

After dropping rugs with KAWS and hair care with Girls Don’t Cry, fans are steadily on their way to wholly living out “that Human Made life,” from their scalp to their doors held open by banana peels.

As the founder of the BAPE, we knew NIGO was a little bananas, metaphorically speaking. Well, now he’s proving the former with his version of an ape’s favorite snack (again).

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