The North Face’s Transformable Maternity Gear Is Insanely Cool

If The North Face is cool, The North Face Japan is freezing. As much as we all enjoy the conventional TNF stuff — designed by California conglomerate VF Corp, also the parent of Supreme, Vans, and Timberland — TNF Japan, operated by outdoor giant Goldwin, is always able to kick things up a notch, even (especially!) maternity clothing.

Designed by Machiko Yono, who was inspired to devise the collection after she gave birth to twins, The North Face Japan’s maternity clothing line — simply named Maternity — is partially genderless. After all, dad’s gotta take care of the kids, too, or at least cart them around.

Most of TNF Japan’s maternity line does cater to mothers, of course, with the Fall/Winter 2022 Maternity+ collection including a few trim fleece coats and stretchy overalls designed with a growing belly in mind.

Elsewhere, special Nuptse puffer jackets showcase one of the clever functions exclusive to the Maternity+: a removable blanket that zips right into the placket of an otherwise ordinary coat or jacket, allowing parents to carry their infant children around at near face level.

The obvious standout piece from Maternity+ FW22 includes this nifty feature, though it’s got way more going on beneath the hood.

The North Face Japan’s CR Storage Jacket is one of those ultra-cool outerwear pieces that oughta just be available every season and in every collection: it’s a hooded jacket in the vein of the classic Mountain Parka, but it sports a whopping 11 pockets hidden throughout its exterior on both the front and the back. Eat your heart out, Junya!

That’s plenty of space for baby essentials or even whatever the parents may need on a hike. Plus, GORE-TEX lining ensures that none of the snacks, wipes, diapers, or toys get wet on the way.

Should wearers still crave an external accessory though, they may turn to the convertible baby bag, which doubles as both ample storage for childcare needs and a clever baby carrier.

Either way, its an embarrassment of stylish maternity riches. What else would you expect from The North Face Japan?

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