There’s Plenty of Fish & Keyboards in JW Anderson’s Sea

At a Soho arcade in London on September 18, Jonathan Anderson presented JW Anderson’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection, where the sounds of slot machines and racing games fittingly coupled with another wildly surreal offering of womenswear.

At JW Anderson SS23, aquatics and technology ruled the runway. Though the two concepts are like cats and dogs — as in, they don’t go together at all — it’s very much on-brand for Anderson’s ever-present juxtaposing ethos.

One look sums up JW Anderson SS23: a keyboard sleeveless turtleneck top styled with distressed embellished shorts and heeled boots featuring a stock photo of a seaside escape.

Bunched one-shoulder dresses boasts trompe l’oeil fish designs, emulating the vibe of the model wearing a fish bag from the pet store. It’s even looks like the gill-bearing animal is staring directly at this crowd of stylish humans with these strange recording devices.

Once-basic tees now tote dolphin fins, as seen on model Emily Ratajkowski who made the wild top a major style moment with shimmering trousers and green slides.

Red Bull may give you wings, but Mr. Jonathan Anderson gives you fins, ladies and gentlemen.

Jean-collared tops and sweaters hanging upside on hangers made for more offbeat JW Anderson moments. Meanwhile, a little normalcy — well, JW Anderson normalcy — came in the form of the new shimmering Bumper bags and Twister purses oozing aquatic realness.

Following in the footsteps of Anderson’s Loewe, footwear is puffier than ever as caged sandals and the label’s Spring 2023 men’s runner totes details of inflated proportions.

On the subject of bulbous styles, I don’t know what to make of JW Anderson’s chrome orb dress. But hey, it hit the runway, too.

JW Anderson is one of the few brands still proceeding with London Fashion Week plans in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

Presentations initially slated for September 19, the day of the queen’s funeral, are to be rescheduled. However, big names like Burberry and Raf Simons have entirely withdrawn from LFW’s festivities.

As an ode to London’s late monarch, JW Anderson SS23 concluded with a t-shirt dress, which read “Her Majesty, The Queen, 1926-2022, Thank You.”

Though, I can’t tell if the man behind the pigeon bag and penis coin purse is just being cheeky again.

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