A Sexy Anna Delvey Costume Has Hit the Halloween Market

September is almost over, which means it’s time to break out the Pumpkin Spice Lattes, dust off your outerwear, and begin planning an instantly identifiable yet just niche-enough Halloween costume that will inevitably devolve into a last-minute nightmare.

No matter how resolved you are to sit this Halloween out, mark my words: you will get a last-minute invite to a Halloween party, you will agree to go, and you will feel silly when you show up without a costume on.

To avoid this classic situation, lingerie and clubwear purveyor Yandy — makers of last year’s “Mystery Gala Guest” outfit — is offering the perfect solution: a sexy Anna Delvey costume.

It has never been easier to cosplay as 2022’s favorite grifter-turned-artist. Featuring black glasses, handcuffs, a sash reading “V.I.P. Is Always Better,” and a pair of underwear printed with “Do You Accept Wire Transfer?” on the butt, Yandy’s “Con Heiress” costume is your one-stop shop for serving Inventing Anna realness (Julia Garner’s weird accent not included).

Last year, I joked about dressing up as Delvey for Halloween. With the virality of Inventing Anna, the scammer’s recent moves to remain in the spotlight, and Hollywood’s bleak Girlboss-ification of female scammers, there’s no question that Anna Delvey costumes will abound this October — so keep an extra-close eye on your candy.

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