Can Bella Hadid Make Wearing Tighty-Whities in Public a Thing?

Have you ever had that one dream where you’re up on stage about to give a presentation when you realize that you’re only wearing your underwear? For so many people terrified of public speaking, that’s a literal nightmare. For Bella Hadid, that’s a Monday.

The model was spotted walking through Manhattan on September 19 with boyfriend Marc Kalman, wearing an ensemble that is technically not just underwear but sure looks like it.

Despite the muggy weather, Hadid and Kalman were layered up in pre-fall essentials, which for Hadid includes a leather moto jacket and those platform UGGs that everyone’s into right now — sister Gigi Hadid wore the same boots when launching her Guest in Residence brand during New York Fashion Week a few days prior.

But the UGGs alone aren’t enough for Bella, who is unrelentingly dedicated to off-duty model outfits. Seriously, few folks are doing the work like her, so much so that Hadid has singlehandedly set trends without even stepping foot on the catwalk.

Hadid has also catalyzed various of-the-moment trends, like the jorts of Summer 2022 and tall Nike socks, regardless of occasion.

But back to now.

What caught my eye was that Hadid paired her sporty shades and LEGO T-shirt with a pair of tiny shorts.

These aren’t the kinda thigh-scrapers epitomized by man on the move Donald Glover nor are they the lengthy elastic bike shorts that Hadid has teamed with blazers so many times in the past.

No, these shorts, ultra-short and elastic-waisted, are more like tighty-whities than anything else.

That’s no diss, mind you, but a mere observation (and, yes, these are obviously shorts and not actually underwear). To an advanced dresser like Hadid, these sort of things, which most of us normal folks could never imagine stepping out in, are merely challenges to be finessed.

Certainly, the shorts provide a challenge by being both easily-stainable white and barely-there, but they’re also slightly baggy, which affords a sense of insouciant ease, and proportionally dynamic, creating jarring contrast between Hadid’s sky-high socks and oversized leather.

Hadid devised an outfit equally loungey and daring, one that at first blush looks like a jacket tossed over pajamas but upon closer inspection reveals clever proportion play that lengthens the legs, complementing the UGG boot boost.

There’s intent there, despite how effortless Hadid looks, and her trained eye is the reason she can make this sort of outfit appear easy.

Boyfriend Marc Kalman, for his part, also looks quite cool in his giant gingham chef-style pants and ALYX x Nike slides, but can’t compare to his partner. Bella’s just that good.

Hard to imagine anyone else stepping out in their briefs to attempt similar styling but, hat’s off to anyone brave enough to follow suit.

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